Counting down… #POLLEN20 pre-conference checklist

We are so excited for #POLLEN20 next week! This post is to provide simple checklist for attendees and presenters just to make sure that everyone can access the platform and that the sessions smoothly. We have already sent out guidance about most of these, so if you have been checking your email you may have already done them. Many items in the checklist are addressed in further detail in the FAQ section of this site.

Five things to do in advance: 

  • Conference registration: Please make sure you are registered for the conference. You may think that you registered and you may be in the program but that doesn’t mean that you have actually registered. Trust us. Please just check. You can check and / or register HERE.  
  • Webex registration: Make sure you are registered and set up on Webex (the live conferencing software used by the platform) so that you can attend and present in live sessions. If needed, instructions are HERE and in the conference FAQ. It’s really simple.
  • Prepare and upload any presentation materials: If you are a presenter, you can share your screen for slides, photos or other non-video and non-audio files. To guard against technical problems or unexpected slow connection speeds, you can also upload any relevant files to the ExOrdo system from your personal dashboard. Note: If you want to share video during your live presentation, screen sharing is not recommended but there are ways around this. Please see the conference FAQ for recommendations.
  • Plan to join your session 10 minutes early: Presenters should plan to join the ‘Pre-session prep’ that will be scheduled for 10 minutes prior to your session start time. Join this by clicking on the ‘Pre-session prep’ link before your session in the program. A volunteer stage manager will meet you there and help you to set up your session. Don’t forget to calculate the time differences (!) between where you are based and the times listed in the program. Because the organizers are based in the UK, all times listed are BST.
  • Communicate with others in your session: As always, make sure to communicate with your session organizers and / or fellow presenters in advance so everyone will be clear on the order of presentations and how any discussion time will run. The stage manager will need this information to help set up your session.