The third biennial conference of the Political Ecology Network (POLLEN)

Contested Natures: Power, Possibility, Prefiguration

Virtual conference

22-25 September 2020

Are you an organizer or participant in an organized session that was already accepted for POLLEN20? Action points below!

Please note that the current registration period is restricted to organizers and participants in organized sessions that were accepted earlier this year. Once we have these in order, we will be releasing the call for individual submissions and non-presenter registration.

When the POLLEN20 was postponed in March, we offered delegates the option to withdraw registration, hold registration and request a full or partial refund of conference fees that had been paid.

Now that new dates have been set, we are asking all session organizers and presenters in organized sessions that have been accepted to take a moment and provide us with information that will help us move forward with this new plan for the conference.

If you are an organizer of a session that has been accepted to POLLEN20:

  • At this time, if you are a session organizer, we ask you to share updated conference information with participants in your session(s), have a chat about the new dates and the shift to the online platform, and decide if your session will go ahead as planned, if changes need to be made (e.g. if a presenter will need to withdraw) or if you will need to withdraw the full session.
  • Session organizers will receive an email with instructions for confirming, changing or withdrawing sessions.
  • We know that you are curious about how the change to a virtual conference will impact your session or presentation. Information about online presentation formats will be available in July 2020 and will be shared with organizers at our earliest ability.

Registration, re-registration and fee adjustment for organizers and participants in organized sessions (please read carefully; due by 30 June 2020)

If you are an organizer of or presenter in a session that has been accepted for POLLEN20 and you missed registration, cancelled or withdrew your prior registration and need to re-register, a new registration can be completed in the ExOrdo system. You will need your session code(s) to complete registration.

If you already registered for POLLEN20 and chose to hold your registration and fees (i.e. did not request to withdraw and have your fees refunded), you will see your completed registration when you log in to the ExOrdo system. If you are already registered, we ask you to complete a ‘Changes to Registration or Fees’ form here to make adjustments to your conference fees no later than 30 June 2020. If you do not take this action, we will assume that you are happy to donate the additional fees that you paid to the POLLEN Solidarity Fund.

POLLEN20 Revised Fee Schedule

All session participants / presenters must be registered for the conference. The new conference registration fee schedule is as follows:

  • Solidarity registration* rate of £30
  • Regular registration rate of £15
  • Student registration rate of £10
  • Full fee waiver due to hardship

Benefits of registration

All registered delegates will have full access to the online ‘conference hub’ and the live schedule of talks and events; will be able to participate in live sessions, events and break-outs; will be able to participate in real-time in virtual social events and will have full access to both real-time and ‘on-demand’ conference content. Conference fees will be used to pay for software licenses and technical support needed to move the conference to its new virtual format.

Any fees or donations collected over these costs will be applied to the POLLEN Solidarity Fund* and will be available to support accessibility of future network-wide events, including the 2022 conference. 

*About the POLLEN Solidarity Fund

Solidarity registration fees will cover the cost of one or more delegates who need a reduction or waiver of fees. All new / revised registrants will have the option to choose to make an additional contribution to the POLLEN Solidarity Fund, which has been established to enhance accessibility to POLLEN biennial conferences and other network-wide events, particularly for students, early career researchers, practicing political ecologists and activists from the global south, people in a situation of precarity or working in a position that is non-funded or self-funded.

Organizers and supporting groups

POLLEN 2020 is organized by the ESRC STEPS Centre (IDS/SPRU, University of Sussex) and The Political Ecology Network (POLLEN) Secretariat (based at Lancaster University 2017 -2019; and moving to the University of Copenhagen 2019 – 2021). The conference is co-hosted by Radical Futures at the University of Brighton, with support from the BIOSEC project (European Research Council) and SIID at the University of Sheffield.

Conference news, updates and CfPs will be announced here and on the POLLEN website.

Inquiries about the virtual conference or questions about contributions to the Solidarity Fund can be sent by email to POLLEN@sussex.ac.uk (please note that this is not the email address for the POLLEN secretariat).

Respecting each other at POLLEN 20

The POLLEN 2020 organizing group strives to create a setting, whether in person or through a virtual platform, in which everyone feels that their dignity, identity, privacy, personal space and autonomy are respected. To these ends, the organizing group has adopted an explicit zero-tolerance stance against racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia and ableism. This means that any form of harassment or discrimination, in word or deed, is unacceptable and will be addressed collectively by members of the organizing committee. This extends to all participants and all forms of harassment, bullying, discrimination, abuse, intimidation, exploitation and silencing on the basis of, but not limited to, age, race, ethnicity, gender, gender self-identity, gender re-assignment, sexual orientation, class/caste, disability, pregnancy / maternity, marriage and civil partnership, religion or belief.